If there’s one word that defines me as a Creative Director/writer/ marketing expert-- it is passion. The fact is I am passionate about doing great advertising. Throughout my career, I’ve worked hard to make sure the work I do stands out. Along the way, I’ve won almost every type of creative award including Clios, Effies, and Cannes.

I’m a strong conceptual, strategic thinker with experience covering a wide range of diverse products. I’ve done work that’s won awards for clients with high creative standards, and more importantly; I’ve won awards for outstandingly creative advertising for tough clients where awards are not commonplace. And I’ve done it continually over the course of my career.

For me it’s all about the big idea. The idea that not only moves products, but moves people as well and finding it is what makes me truly happy.

This site offers you just a small sample of the work I’ve done. I’d be glad to show you more. If you’ve got a creative project or strategic problem, contact me. I’d love to help.